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Over the years I have developed a nice set of custom tools for AutoCAD that allow me to complete many tasks tens, even hundreds, of times faster than the standard AutoCAD methods. In some cases they allow me to do things that aren't otherwise possible in AutoCAD. When I work on your projects, you benefit from the increased productivity and efficiency provided by the tools I've developed. Additionally, regular clients often notice subsequent projects completed in less and less time. This is the result of my tendency to take note of the areas of their work that could be made much more efficient with a custom tool and then creating the tool on my own time.
Below are a few quick examples of some of the custom tools I've developed:

  • ST Protect - Locks up & protects your legend, notes, details, symbols and any other work to help prevent modification and copying.
    Cities, clients and associates often require your original AutoCAD files when a project is completed but what they do with the files when they receive them is out of your control. Unfortunately, many cities and businesses see no problem with modifying or copying your hard work, including symbol libraries, legends, notes and details. You may be put at risk of liability when a client or city makes a "small change" to a technical note without your knowledge or you may be losing potential jobs when your "Phase I" project notes & details are copied for "Phase II" without being hired or consulted.
  • IrrTools - A set of tools that automates GPM counts, valve size, valve numbering and much more...
  • ST Area - Calculates multiple areas to individual totals (ex. all shrub areas to one total and all turf areas to another) If an area changes, it can recalculate and automatically update the calculations in text throughout the drawing.

Currently, I do not offer any custom programming or scripting as an hourly service.

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