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Occasional discounts on time billed.

Locking/protection of AutoCAD files upon request (see "Programming" section for further details).

Access to tutorials, including:
PDF markup tutorial - redline a PDF in the free Acrobat Reader, save and send it back to me for quick revisions
(redline ability normally requires purchase of Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro which retail for $299 & $449 respectively)

Software Alternatives
The most popular software for a specific function is often the most expensive and even more often, not the best.
As a small business owner, I'm always looking for the best products at the best prices.
Regular clients have access to a list of (and links to) the software alternatives that I use.
All are less expensive than their counterparts and in many cases are free!

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Clients who average 10 or more hours per week,
contact me for Client Center Log-In information.

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